3M Linear Delineation System ( LDS )

Proven technology for increased safety
3M’s linear delineation system is designed to enhance
driver safety where there is a need to call attention to a
changed or changing condition, such as an abrupt roadway
narrowing or curvature, or to provide guidance
through a work zone. Common applications include:
• Curved roadways
• Tunnel approaches
• Entrance and exit ramps
• Bridges
Linear delineation system panels combine high performance
3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting
with a unique crimped design for optimal visibility and
angularity. Panels are available in fluorescent colors
that provide increased visibility from dawn to dusk, as
well as at night.


Economical and durable
Linear delineation technology continues 3M’s 70-year
tradition of delivering traffic safety solutions with
industry-leading service life.
3M’s linear delineation system panels are economical
and now even easier to install with 3M™VHB™ Tape.
High performance VHB tape is pre-applied to the panels
for fast, easy application to metal guardrails, work zone
barriers and median barriers. No special tools or messy
adhesives are required.


3M linear delineation system panels are now available
in a 1.5-inch version designed to fit into guardrail
troughs and offers flexibility for application to concrete
or other surfaces both on and off the roadway.


Size & Colour                      
4- and 6-inch panels      

White, Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange

1.5-inch panels      

White, Fluorescent Yellow